14 Jan 2014

January 2014 | China Lands on the Moon

Viewing figures | Dec 29 2013 – Jan 14 2014 10,200 with likes from UK, Russia & USA

Spaceflight 101 - Chang'e 3

There has been a rollercoaster of Chinese emotions over the last month.

The atmosphere was tense upon the launch of Chang’e 3 on December 1st, then as the Moon probe entered into Luna orbit China lost two expensive satellites, so the atmosphere again was very tense during the Luna landing. Fortunately all went well, the Chang’e 3 & Jade Rabbit instruments work fine, so the so the science can begin proper from January 10th.

In this program we examine the mission in detail from launch, and what we know about the landing site from previous spacecraft. If you would like to contact me my Email address is Richard.pearson53@yahoo.co.uk Please follow me on Twitter @Richard91113095


First APXS (Infrared) Spectrum of Luna soil

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Richard Pearson

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