31 Mar 2014

New Astronomy Magazine for photographers

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A highly popular magazine dedicated to astrophotographers world wide. 75 pages of useful hints & tips, and brimming with exceptional photographs of the Solar System & Deep sky Objects. Issue 04 is now available on line.

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Amateur Astrophotography

Observing the Planets

Venus, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn are on view this season, and with a Total Eclipse of the Moon taking place on April 15th, this month we take look at how best to make observations of the planets. I would like to acknowledge the valuable assistance of Jason Higley, Daniele Gasparri (Italy), Trevor Barry, Darryl and Patricia Malilka (Australia) for allowing me to use some of their splendid images of the planets in this month's program.

12 Mar 2014

Magnificent Saturn on 7th March


A photograph By Trevor Berry using a 16 inch Newtonian telescope.

In the April edition of Astronomy & Space we take a look at the planets Venus, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn, and how to observe them.

More of these splendid photographs in the program.

Richard Pearson

4 Mar 2014

March | Supernovae

Over the last 6 months there have been three reasonably bright supernovas on view for amateur astronomers, two in our own Milky Way galaxy, Nova Delphini & Nova Centauri which were easily visible to the naked eye, and one in the nearby galaxy Messier 82 which reached magnitude +10. Therefore In this month’s program we take a look at supernovae.

3 Mar 2014

Aurora over Nottingham UK

Uma[Left] The Plough (Constellation Ursa Major) taken 1st March 2014 | Nikon D3100., ISO 3100., Exposure 15 seconds. The image was later processed using Adobe Light room.


[Above] The Northern Lights taken around midnight on 1st March 2014. Cassiopeia can be seen in the middle of the image. The Aurora was lovely, shimmering red over green.